RN Diesel Engine Company

RN Diesel Engine Company

Welcome to the Official RN Diesel Engine Company Website.

We manufacture and sell a range of bespoke diesel engines with power ratings from 9hp to 27hp. Our engines are of traditional design with the original design originating from 1929 with a slow and steady evolution and refinement which continues to this day.

Each new engine is fully manufactured from brand new castings by us in our workshop all the ancillary parts are either made in house or are machined locally. Every engine is then assembled by hand in our clean room facility at the works in Daventry before being fully test run on our Dynomometer before being certified as ready for delivery.

We are so confident of our quality and reliability we are able to offer an unrivalled full 5 year factory backed warranty.

New DM2 engine built and installed by the RN Diesel Engine Company
New DM2 engine built and installed by the RN Diesel Engine Company

We can also re manufacture existing Russell Newbery (or National) engines and return them to as new factory condition. Again these engines when completed are offered with a full warranty.

We also produce a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit. This is a multifuel unit which can run on a variety of fuels from ordinary diesel fuel through rapeseed oil and even waste engine oil — all without modification. The unit is suitable for a single dwelling or a pair of Semi detached dwellings. The unit produces 10Kva of electrical energy and 10kw of heat energy — more than enough to heat and power the whole house.


We manufacture a range of accessories like speedwheel controls and gearbox controls. Each engine is delivered with a full tool kit, spare parts list and service and maintenance details.


We can supply parts for the whole range of ‘D’ series engines and also the National variants made under license from Russell Newbery.

Contact details

Company contact addresses :
RN House
Granthams Bridge Boat Services
The Locks
CV21 4PP
Phones 01788 578661, 07812 039110

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The RN Diesel Engine Company are proud to continue a fine line of British engineering excellence. Up to the 1960s, Russell Newbery engines were exported all over the world. Some of these are still in use today.

We continue with the tradition of the company - most of the engine components are made to Imperial dimensions (inches, feet, ...), and the nuts and bolts are Whitworth threads. We can provide a set of Whitworth spanners for your day to day needs.

Into the second century for Russell Newbery

In 1909 having served their apprenticeship with Royce Engineering in Manchester, Frederick Russell and William Newbery setup their own business, the Russell Newbery Company. They established a works at Altrincham, then a small provincial Cheshire town.

So we are now well into the second centenary of the Russell Newbery brand and production of top quality engines.

The RN Story pages on the Register's web site contains a brief history of the early years of the company.

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IWA Corporate Member logo The company is a corporate member of The Inland Waterways Association.

The company had close ties with but is legally separate from the Russell Newbery Register.

The Company Name

Although colloquially refered to as “Russell Newbery” or “RN”, the official name of the company today is the RN Diesel Engine Company. Refer to the RN story on the Russell Newbery Register web site for the explaination.

You will often find incorrect spelling in references, particular on the World Wide Web. So watch out for
Russel or Rusell instead of the correct Russell
Newberry or Newbury instead of the correct Newbery.

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